Wednesday, February 27, 2008


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Hokie Wiper Fluid, and More Pith
Hokie shooting drill: Release, rotation, Splash.

All your additional Week 15 pith comes after the jump, but first a few programming notes.

1) If the Hokies had reached 75 points last night, all the fans at Cassell would have gotten free window washer fluid? Washer fluid, really? That's their giveaway? Did the local Kmart run out of Little Tree air fresheners? Is there a "bag o' mulch" night coming up?

2) Morgan State, nearing its first MEAC title in 31 years.

3) The A-10 Tourney re-ups with Atlantic City. I know attendance wasn't great last year, but is there a better spot for an Atlantic 11-based league to hold its tourney? Sure beats Charlotte.

4) A Georgetown student columnist wants the school to apologize to Craig Esherick. Who is doing what now, you ask? Why, he's calling George Mason games on the Verizon FiOS1 local TV channel with WaPo prep writer B.J. Koubaroulis, and VMI games on MASN with Jim Hunter, and

5) Don't forget to enter the Atlantic 11 March Challenge. There's talk of adding a pair of pajamas to the prize mix.

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